About Clever&Cool

clevercoolHi there,

Clever&Cool™ is a knowledge gatherer, supported by Planet Polaris™. We gather insights and try to help you move above and beyond random information, towards real knowledge.

We are not alone. There are a number of ways to gather knowledge so you should use this platform as a start to look for more information.  And please remember: nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.

Here at Clever&Cool, we use a lot of footage from BigThink, one of our favourites, and they say: In our digital age, we’re drowning in information. The web offers us infinite data points—news stories, tweets, wikis, status updates, etc—but very little to connect the dots or illuminate the larger patterns linking them together. We believe that success in the future is about knowing the ideas that allow you to manage and master this universe of information… …offering big ideas from fields outside your own that you can apply toward the questions and challenges in your own life.

Well said and more organisations should work around these principles. Clever&Cool™ is for you, you knowledge seeker, you petitioner of science and principles. Have fun!