Planet Polaris

Planet Polaris™ is more than just a company. Like many entrepreneurs, founder Gys Godderis loves creating things. Seeing problems and providing solutions is a daily challenge and today’s business is only able to exist if it improves people’s lives. Building something you’re passionate about is important and knowledge has always been his favorite topic.

Conceived in 1999, our group has gone on to grow successful businesses in sectors ranging from creative marketing, philanthropy, education, consultancy and design.


Today, 17 years later, PLANET POLARIS is a creative group with two headquarters in Europe, several subsidiary companies like EVE Culture Building, Polaris Creative Solutions, It’s a Hotel™, Polarisnation Group™, NineGoodies™, PolarisCare™, Clever&Cool™ and with interests in several other affiliate companies.

It’s a full-service brand representing creative and technical talent in the fields of brand marketing, communication design, ICT, people communication, travel, education, training, hospitality, food & beverages, consumer adoptation of technology, advertising and charity, working on projects around the globe.